The Story:

We opened our first shop in November 2013 at the Cape Quarter in Cape Town.

The objective was to provide exclusive smart casual designer clothes for men at affordable prices; this was only feasible  by offering pre-owned and new stock.

Unfortunately the location was not well chosen and in April 2014 we moved the shop to the Salt Circle Arcade in Woodstock (opposite the Old Biscuit Mill). Since we experienced excessive losses through theft and various break-ins we decided to close the shop and create this online shop.

You will find many exclusive brands at our shop (e.g. Zegna, Coogi, Etro and many more) which are only stocked at very few shops in South Africa (if at all) and at outrageous prices. If you are not familiar with certain brands please search them on the internet and find out for yourself.

As mentioned many items are pre-owned but mostly you will not even notice that they had previous owners. We have taken various pictures of each item to capture the condition of each particular item; should you wish additional pics before making a purchase please send us an email and we will provide you with more information and pictures. Obviously the sales price reflects the exclusivity and condition of the item.

Please return to our site regularly as we will add items frequently!

All items are also available as laybuy. Please find more detailed info below and at our F.A.Q.S section.

Please study our F.A.Q.S section carefully (especially the ‘Orders & Returns’ section) to avoid unnecessary disappointments because of mismatches. Our objective is to win you as a satisfied customer that will refer this website and enjoy our offerings. 

How to contact us?

Telephone: 065 352 6243

(weekdays 9am to 4pm)


How to navigate our shop

You have various ways of navigating our shop:

  • you may navigate via categories (e.g. sweater)
  • you may use the ‘search’ function at the top right of the page for labels (e.g. Armani)


Laybuy: buy now, pay later

Laybuy makes it easy for you to buy our products by paying for them via a down payment and up to five monthly instalments.

So how do lay buys work?

You would like to purchase items but do not have sufficient funds at present to pay for it. In such a case our laybuy option is a good choice for you since we do not charge interest.

You send us an email stipulating which item you would like to purchase (all items have a unique SKU code which you will find on each item description).

We will email you a pro-forma invoice with our banking details; after receiving your payment we will email you a receipt confirming you payment and the balance outstanding.

For items:

  • up to R 2’000 a first payment of 40% needs to be paid after receiving our pro-forma invoice and the remaining balance in three instalments of at least 20%  every 30 days thereafter
  • above R 2’000 a first payment of 25% needs to be paid after receiving our pro-forma invoice and the remaining balance in five instalments of at least 15% every 30 days thereafter

The pro-forma invoice will contain the exact amounts and times when you will have to make those payments.

After the item has been paid in full it will be sent to you.

If you have to cancel the lay buy we will refund your payments less the following charges:

  • an administration fee of R 150
  • interest of 10% on all oustanding payments for the lay buy
  • bank charges which may have incurred for your cash deposits into our bank account